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Applied Science Journal

All Praise to God. Today, my colleague conveyed the good news to me via WhatsApp. Her journal paper was accepted and will be published in Applied Science Journal. It was such hard work from her. She always keeps updated and does follow-up on the journal revisions. I was part of the journal team by providing her with the related materials for the papers. However, most of the writing and editing were truly from her and the rest of the authors.

Congratulations, Reema Thabit ^^. Her journal is entitled “A Comparative Analysis of Arabic Text Steganography”. The research paper is a very useful journal for beginners in understanding the Arabic Text Steganography method and technique.

research stuff

Research Gate

Hi there ^^ I just found out a great place to have a research networking and publish all your research papers. It’s Research Gate! You can visit the following link;

“Research Gate is a professional network for scientists and researchers. Over¬†20¬†million members from all over the world use it to share, discover, and discuss researches. ” –

Each researcher will have their own profile to ‘dump’ all their research works. Through there, they can build a huge network within their specialities and expertise. You may gather all your journal papers so that it would be an acknowledgement and to promote the journals to be cited.

This link is my research gate profile where you may add to your network if its is related to your areas of interest. ^^

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MCO 3.0

It’s been a while since the last time I updated content – and Ramadhan and Syawal have just passed by. This year, both months were gloomy since my late brother is no longer with us during fasting month and the Eid celebration. Currently, I am in the middle of an interview for a Senior Lecturer position at UPM. The process takes quite a long time to settle due to the movement control order (MCO) since last year.

On 19 May 2021, our country hits the highest number of daily cases – 6950 cases. Then, here we are – grounded again due to MCO 3.0. As reported on the news, the rapid increase of the daily cases is due to the new variant of the Covid-19 named the African Variant, which has previously taken down India. Our government has announced yet another MCO and enforced two weeks of self-lockdown starting from 25 May till 7 June 2021. Hopefully, it will reduce the daily cases. Owh ya, besides I am waiting for the vaccination registration on 26 May. It’s also one of the efforts to fight the pandemic.

How I wish things will getting better soon. I sent a follow-up email regarding my interview results but haven’t received any response yet, huh! Almost 3 months for the process to be done? For this semester, I am not hired for teaching. It affects pretty much my financial situation since I am the only breadwinner for my family. Lately, the freelance job is not doing so well either ~ It’s okay – I will figure a way out :’)

Stay safe, everyone.