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Virtual Multimedia Week 2021

Hai! The 28th of June through the 2nd of July is a Multimedia Week. This year it will be done virtually, not physically. All praise to God, I am experiencing be a part of the event committee.

Our very first event, Multimedia Day, began in 2014. As a platform for the students of our department to present and share their course projects with the public, it served as a good beginning for us. As a result of the overwhelming support from the department staff and students, Multimedia Week has progressively evolved into a department and student-led initiative.

Since the day it started, we have welcomed a large number of students from a variety of disciplines. We were also fortunate enough to secure the services of prominent figures in the industry who delivered speeches, workshops, and judging of our students’ works.

This year, however, for the first time, Multimedia Week will take place online. While we can’t hold our program in person to avoid physical contact and activities, it certainly feels different. But, let us look at the bright side: more people will be able to participate and engage in this event, regardless of their geographical location, because they will not have to travel to the exhibition venue.

Our lovely captured moments ^^

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Report Duty

Alhamdulillah, today 15 June 2021, I am officially working as a Senior Lecturer at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). It was a challenging and adventurous journey. I am very enthusiastic and will perform my best in research and teaching as both are my favourite job ever!

Owh ya, in order to upgrade my skills and to have a solid background in my research area, I need to commit to a Post Doctoral program overseas – Europe. Alhamdulillah! Another opportunity and adventurous journey await! 🙂

Ok then, I need to do journal writing. Till then, see ya ^^ will meet again in the next entry.