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PiCTL 2022

Since 2018, the Centre for Academic Development (CADe) UPM has organised the Putra InnoCreative Carnival in Teaching and Learning (PicTL), an international competition on teaching and learning. The programme aims to foster an innovative and creative culture of teaching and learning among educators and students.

This year’s i-PicTL theme is “Innovation Beyond Limits,” with the goal of promoting the growth and advancement of quality teaching and learning innovations. i-PicTL2022 aims to celebrate and showcase exciting achievements in teaching and learning innovations among educators, researchers, policymakers, students, and the general public. A variety of programs are planned to enrich our participants’ experiences, including keynote speeches, web talks, workshops, awards, and a poster competition.

After a year of experimenting with the best teaching practices, I am challenging myself to participate in i-PicTL2022. The innovation is called POMI (click to view the presentation). I am inspired by the POMODORO task management technique and motivated by my student testimonials. Alhamdulillah, I received a silver medal for my innovation. I’m overjoyed and grateful, and I’m aiming for a gold medal for my next teaching and learning innovation.

One of my graduated student yearn our Multimedia class 🙂
Virtual Background for i-PicTL 2022
Gather Town~ i-PicTL2022 Poster Presentation

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2022 Publication

Alhamdulillah, my journal paper accepted. Tittle “Systematic Literature Review and Analysis for Arabic Text Steganography Method Practically ” . Hopefully this journal manuscripts benefits researcher especially who is interested into Arabic Text Steganography (ATS). Feel free to cite our works. Thank you to my co-authors for the supportive, materials and encouragement till the work is published.

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A year as Academician

Alhamdulillah, 15 June 22 marked as a year experience as an academician. Being an academician in a international reputative research university is very challenging. Besides teaching in innovative way, we have to contribute in research and engage with the community by knowledge transferring and also have a wide network with the industries. Jingling all those responsible is very tough however, I am always accept it as a challenge for me to keep growing in my career.

I am experiencing two semester of teaching. In 2021, the semester is conducted fully online. I am searching many materials related to improve the way of teaching and interact with the online environment. 2022, our country started the endemic phase for Covid 19 and we have a hybrid classroom session during the semester. Most of our local students are compulsory to attend the face to face class, meanwhile the international students were remotely join the lecture hybrid (online).

Therefore, I am experimenting the best way of teaching in hybrid classroom. It was very challenging, since there are two audience in different environment to entertain. Through the first experience conducting the online class, I came with my innovation in teaching which is call POMI.

The following is a part of POMI class activity which my chosen pedagogy used in teaching is an active learning. More about POMI will be shared in my next posting ^^

Active learning class activity, role play

Interactive Lecturing. The face to face and online student are interact with the quick quiz question via shared link in Google Slide during the learning session.