Unlocking the World of Cybersecurity

Yesterday, August 2, 2023, I was able to attend the Growth From Knowledge (GFK) X Girl In Tech (GIT) meetup in Kuala Lumpur as a member of the GIT Chapter Kuala Lumpur. Sharing of Sasha Druzhinin’s “Unlocking the World of Cybersecurity” session live from GFK London via Zoom.
Besides networking, the session ends with an interactive crisis simulation. It challenge our problem solving skill set in real-time cybersecurity scenario via Immersive Lab ( Make me search and look into it, interesting tools for interactive teaching materials 😊)


Achieving Visibility

Achieving visibility through media writing and expertise sharing. Hopefully, this small achievement will inspire me to write more. Thank you PSPK UPM for the opportunity.

Kosmo, 2 August 2023