Community events sharing


8 March till 9 March 2023 I am invited as a speaker to a community event under the UTCT KTGS grant. The audience was from Rumah PAKATs, a shelter for the abandon child due to HIV and also a shelter for the homeless. Through this event, the children which range between 9 years old to 17 years old were exposed to a digital marketing. They have their own product which is a Chocolates Cookies and we trained them a basic digital marketing and IT literate exposure.

The session for this first week of the event are more on theoretical input, next week which is 16 March they have to implement the theory and practice doing marketing and sell their goods during the PKATS Carnival.

Besides delivering inputs of digital marketing using Canva, which they need to create a posters, I am also involving in the technical part which preparing all the printed props such as banners, bunting, and posters. Also, packing for 15 participant files, preparing hampers and make sure the montage video is ready.

Alhamdulillah, the event went well even though I am not be able to attend the carnival due to my emergency problems. Remotely done and try my best commitment to my task rightly from the hospital (my mother admit to emergency red zone- high fever).

InsyaAllah till meet them again next upcoming event.